Great Cakes Soapworks Challenge Club continues this month with the Mantra Swirl.  I elected to do the original technique which meant cutting the soap log horizontally and then cutting the individual bars.  Here is a picture of one of the ‘sides’ before I cut it.

Don’t you just love that moment right after you cut?  I was really pleased with my first attempt and I’m already planning my next batch.  Unfortunately, my white crackled a bit – but we’ll just call that visual interest :) .

I did notice that I got fewer bars of soap out of my log.  This produced 8 where I usually get 10.  I’m interested to see if this is just me, or if others had the same experience.

Here is another photo (sorry for the bad light – the pictures were taken at different times) ….


The colors used  are a custom blend of blue and copper micas.  The fragrance is bergamot and tarragon, which is a very green.    I’m looking forward to seeing the other entries as well as participating in the next challenge.

Until next time – bon savon!