I’m ready for a beach trip – how about you? Imagine spending a few weeks just sitting in the sand, watching the water roll in as you sip a frozen Miami Vice (or your beverage of choice :) ).

Unfortunately, I can’t get away right now – but I can bring a little tropical to my soap making. Take a look at Guava Gradient. (This really needs a better name - any ideas?)


The fragrance is a blend of guava, orange, papaya, peach, strawberry and violet. Don’t you just want to drink it? The technique is called gradient. It is a process of layering soap batter from neutral to dark, or green, in this instance. This was the first time I attempted this technique, and it was a lot of fun to do. I’ll try this again sometime.

I even added a little tropical to my recipe with the use of mango butter. Mango butter comes from the kernels of the mango tree – not the fruit itself. It has numerous skin benefits, including softening, smoothing and moisturizing. Mango butter is one of my favorites to work with.

If you are interested in owning a bar of your very own, please leave a comment, and I’ll be in touch.

Until next time – bon savon!